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Estate Litigation Services in Hawaii

Occasionally, disputes arise over trusts, estates, conservatorships, and guardianships. Our firm has the experience and resources to assist clients who find themselves headed down the road to court. While we are able to appear in all courts in the State of Hawaii, we also look for opportunities to resolve matters informally whenever possible. This can save our clients considerable time, money, and aggravation.

Determining Legal “Capacity”

Many cases revolve around the question of “capacity.” This includes an individual’s legal ability to conduct his or her own affairs, as well as the legal ability to sign a valid will or trust. Issues pertaining to capacity require a great deal of sensitivity on the part of legal and medical professionals, as well as on the part of family members.

The issue of Fiduciaries

At times, estate litigation issues involve the conduct of “fiduciaries.” Fiduciaries are parties who are legally empowered to manage the property affairs of others. A fiduciary may be an individual or a bank or other institution. In some cases, our firm represents fiduciaries. In others, we represent individuals who are questioning whether a fiduciary has complied with applicable legal standards.

Very often, getting sound advice at the beginning of a dispute will enable a client to navigate the process of process of resolution successfully and efficiently.

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